That was sooooo easy. You guys are amazing! When I think of what I just did in 5 minutes I am speechless. I want you to know how much I appreciate everything you have done.
Thank you again,"

John (DJ's Sports Collectibles)



Internet Commerce Cart


ICCart Feature Details

ICCart is Hotwww's premier order management / customer service software. Discover what ICCart can do for your Internet commerce business. Read through the detailed features, functionality, and benefits this value packed solution provides.

ICCart can be used with the "Revenue-Ready™", or any custom website. ICCart comes complete with shopping cart, the full suite of ecommerce management tools described below, and complete integration and configuration into the "Total Internet Solution", or any custom website.

Order Management Drop-Ship Order Management
Customer Service Tools SQL Database
Shipment Tracking Report Generation

Order Management - It's never been so easy!

  • Search your orders - Search orders by order #, customer name, e-mail, address, etc.
    Customer service is a snap when you can locate any customer's order(s) within seconds, using the powerful iccart order search feature! Click to view movie!
  • Order status tracking - With one click you will view new unpaid orders, new paid orders, orders that have been drop-shipped from vendors, orders that have been shipped, etc.
    You will no longer be spending precious time hunting for the status of any order!
  • Order Details - The list of detailed information available to you for each order is too long to list here, but here are just a few…
    1. Order number
    2. Date of order
    3. Order status
    4. Days and hours since order was placed
    5. "Bill To" information & "Ship To" information
    6. Payment summary
    7. Item/sale summary
    8. Item details
    9. And much more!!!

You'll find all the details for each order laid out in an easy to access format. Whether you're providing customer service or making sure your orders are fulfilled correctly, you'll know everything about any order at a glance!

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Customer Service Tools - the heart of your business!

  • Customer email management - Every email that you send to a customer, or that the customer sends to you becomes connected to the customer's order detail screen. You will find this email thread to be the most valuable customer service tool possible. For merchants using a drop-ship model, all email correspondence between the merchant and the vendor pertaining to each order also becomes a part of the email thread.
    You'll never wonder again about the customer service history of any order! Click to view movie!
  • Order Notes - Each order detail contains a "order notes" feature. Input whatever notes become important to order processing and customer service for each order. The order notes feature combined with the customer email management feature provide a total solution for post purchase customer service.
    You'll always make a professional impression on your customers with so many details at your fingertips!

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Shipment Tracking - this is a huge time saver!

Add shipping tracking information three ways…

  • Individual tracking input - Whenever it becomes necessary you can add tracking information for a single order. Then with the click of a single button, iccart generates an email and sends it to the customer. Click to view movie!
  • Bulk tracking import - If you obtain your tracking information in bulk, you can copy and paste it into your iccart system. Import shipping tracking info for 1 or 1000 orders in a matter of seconds!
    And remember, the iccart system automatically generates and sends an email to each customer so they can track there order without taking a second of your valuable time! Click to view movie!
  • Automated tracking input for drop ship - This shipping tracking management option is very cool!!! Just have your drop-ship vendors configure their UPS or FedEx account so it sends you an email with the tracking info. UPS calls their feature "Quantum View Notify". Once the iccart system receives these emails from UPS or FedEx it automatically attaches each email to the correct order. Then, with two clicks of your mouse the iccart system inputs the shipping tracking info into each order detail. Oh, and did I mention that the iccart system generates and emails the tracking info to each customer automatically! :-)

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Drop-Ship Order Management - a new era in Internet commerce!

Iccart not only provides the tools for merchants that inventory, but it also caters to drop ship merchants, with more powerful drop ship features than any other solution we have found. If you're not familiar with the drop-ship business model, click here to learn more.

  • Vendor list - Create as many vendors in your vendor list as you need. Your vendor entries not only facilitate drop-ship ordering, they also contain contact information for each vendor. You can view a list of your vendors, add new vendors, edit vendor information, delete vendors, etc.
    No need for other hard to find lists of your vendors, quick and easy access is always just a click away!
  • Send VRE feature - A drop-ship business model introduces some potential challenges. Let's say for example that a customer comes to your website and purchases three items. Now let's say that each of the three items are provided by different vendors. Hummm… how do you fulfill the order without a lot of time and effort? Iccart's VRE feature handles this challenge with the click of your mouse. With one click iccart splits the order into separate vendor request emails. With one last click, each of the three items along with the customer's ship to info and any other information you desire is emailed to the three vendors for fulfillment.
    Iccart's VRE feature makes short work out of a potentially time consuming task, freeing up your valuable time to do what you love most. SELL, SELL, SELL!
  • Vendor email templates - The content of your VRE (vendor request email) is easily managed using one very simple text template. Customize your VRE so that it provides exactly what your vendors need.
  • Vendor email management - Each order you sell has a customer service email history attached. If you are using a drop-ship model for your business, you need to correspond with your vendors about specific orders. All email you send to a vendor concerning any order, or email sent from a vendor will be attached to the customer service email history of that specific order.

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SQL Database Features

  • Inventory control - Keep track of product quantities. If you have an inventory based business you can input an inventory quantity for each item. Every time an item is sold iccart will reduce inventory for that item. When the inventory quantity for any item reaches "0" iccart will automatically show the item as "Sold Out". Of course you can run daily reports to determine low inventory items so you'll never be caught by surprise.
  • Make changes on the fly - Use ICCart's powerful database search features to locate products and modify or delete them in real-time.
  • Make bulk changes with one click - ICCart's online bulk catalog update feature literally allows you to upload an entire catalog with one click. You can also append new products to your existing catalog. And all this with no complicated ftp!
  • Upload products in Excel format - iccart will allow you to upload your entire product catalog, or append new items to your existing online catalog database from Excel or other spreadsheet. This feature saves tons of time for merchants that manage their product catalogs from their local computer via spreadsheet.
  • Customize database - iccart allows you to customize your product catalog and customer/order database so it's just right for you.

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Report Generation - put your finger on the pulse of your business!

  • Sales totals - Run sales reports for any date range, for a day, week, month, year, whatever date ranges you need. Run reports for campaign periods. Zero in on groups of orders by status, or drill right down to individual orders.
    You'll always know what your sales volume has been for any period of time! Click to view movie!
  • Sales by vendor - Run reports specific to one vendor or all your vendors. And with our One Click Technology you can view complete individual order details.
    One of our merchants told us that he uses these reports to negotiate better deals with his vendors! He can see in an instant the vendors that he is excelling with. Click to view movie!
  • Sales by item - Ever wonder what your top selling items are? Run a "sales by item" report and you'll see every item sold for any period of time, grouped by vendor and by item. Limit to one vendor or run the report for all vendors. Then use our One Click Technology to drill down to individual order details. Click to view movie!
  • Email address mining!!! - Gather customer email addresses by product category, State, even description of product. Then use this data for mass snail or email marketing.
    The ability to collect and manage this data makes a huge difference in your bottom line! Click to view movie!
  • Conversion reports - This is where the rubber meets the road! How many of your visitors are actually buying. Specify your conversion reports by "Landing Page" (the page that the visitor accessed your website through). This report shows each page of your website, the number of visitors that hit the page, the number of visitors that bought, the total dollar amount purchased, and much more. Then run your conversion report by "Referring Site" and see where your visitors are coming from. The Conversion Reports feature even generates specific "Campaign Code" reports. No more wondering about your ROI (return on investment).
    Do you know of any other Internet commerce solution that offers this kind of value??? The ICCart's "Conversion Report" feature alone is worth hundreds of dollars a month. We have a merchant that told us that he used software that would generate this kind of data and that he paid over $700.00 a month. But here's the interesting part… he said it was worth every penny. Now with ICCart, he no longer needs the other third party software and he saves hundreds of dollars each month!
  • Search engine robot/spider activity reports - Awesome!!! OK, I know I get excited, but I just don't know which of the ICCart features I like the best! If you don't wonder several times a day whether or not Google, or Yahoo, or one of the other top engines or directories have been looking at your site… well, you may want to have someone check your pulse.
    This report provides information so critical to your success and so valuable that we won't disclose it here.
    Email us or fill out our quick form to talk with an ICCart representative today!

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