That was sooooo easy. You guys are amazing! When I think of what I just did in 5 minutes I am speechless. I want you to know how much I appreciate everything you have done.
Thank you again,"

John (DJ's Sports Collectibles)



Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software


Hotwww's shopping cart is a full featured, ecommerce software. It provides professional design and layout flexibility, and the intuitive shopping experience that today’s sophisticated shoppers demand.

Hotwww's shopping cart software is included in all our Revenue-Ready™ ecommerce solutions ("Revenue-Ready™" package or ICCart), and can be seamlessly integrated in to any existing Web site. This robust shopping cart is also included with our "Entry Level E-commerce" hosting service.

Shopping Cart Customization - Ever notice how most shopping carts look very generic or even ugly? With Hotwww's shopping cart software your Web site, online catalog, and check out process will all share the same great layout and design.

Shopping Cart Software Features

  • Allows Multiple Products - Hundreds or even thousands of products can be added and maintained in your online store with the use of the online administration module.
  • E-mail Confirmation -Shopping Cart sends e-mail confirmation of purchase to merchant and e-mail receipt to customer.
  • PayPal - PayPal payment option is integrated in to shopping cart, and can be turned on or off.
  • Hosting - every client using Hotwww's shopping cart software solution is provided with reliable domain hosting. Hosting includes ftp access, e-mail, e-mail forwarding, etc.
  • SSL - secure check out for ecommerce.
  • Payment Options - As well as the integrated PayPal payment option, Hotwww's ecommerce shopping cart provides streamlined integration of additional customer payment options. Real-time credit card authorization, COD, etc.
    NOTE: An Internet merchant account is required to be able to accept credit cards online. Transaction fees are charged by merchant account providers. However, your customers can use credit cards as payment via the integrated PayPal payment option.
  • Product Options -Hotwww's shopping cart handles as many product option as needed. Size, color, even options that modify price are handled easily. Use drop-down menus, check boxes, and even text input fields.
  • Volume Pricing -Volume pricing discounts are no problem. Add 1 or more levels of pricing for each product.
  • Option Price Add-Ons -Need the capability to charge your customers for certain options on products? No problem, your catalog will show any options with their specific add-on price, and the shopping cart will do the calculations for the total.
  • Discount Codes - Create discount or coupon codes. Senior discounts, preferred or repeat customer discounts, reseller discounts, etc.
  • Products Per Page - Easily configure the number of products to appear on each page of your online catalog.
  • Min/Max Order - Define a minimum or maximum dollar amount or number of items required in order to complete an order in your online store.
  • Product Categories - Easily define, name, and manage your product categories and sub categories.
  • Shipping -The Shopping Cart will calculate shipping based on a flat fee per item, weight, taxable total, complete total, or number of items. UPS, FedEx, and USPS integration is also available.
  • Sales Tax -The Shopping Cart will calculate sales tax for one or more States when necessary.
  • All this and more, in a ready to go "Revenue-Ready™" solution!

Administration Module - The Shopping Cart's online administration module makes creating and maintaining your online store simple. (No experience in HTML or programming is necessary.)

  • All shopping cart features shown above are easily implemented and managed using Hotwww's online administration module.
    • change password
    • business information
    • sales tax setup
    • shipping setup
    • payment options
    • catalog settings
    • minimum order
    • discount codes
    • category names
    • file manager
    • upload files
    • catalog editor
    • add new item
    • advanced settings
  • Database Creation & Maintenance - Easily & quickly create your own custom database full of products to be displayed in your online store. Add and delete items as needed. Modify prices, descriptions, options, etc. It's as easy as filling out an online form!
  • Multiple Databases - With this feature you can manage multiple databases, allowing you to switch from one to another. This is extremely useful for seasonal or holiday items.
  • Individual/Bulk Product Management - You can create and manage your database one product at at time. You can also manage your database using any spreadsheet software such as Excel. When changes are needed, you can replace your entire database, or append to your existing database in seconds.
  • Customized Receipt - Customer's e-mail receipt can be customized for each payment option.

Technical Support - All technical support needs related to Hotwww's shopping cart are included.

If you don't already have a Web site, click here to learn more about our Revenue-Ready™ package, or click here for custom Web design.


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