That was sooooo easy. You guys are amazing! When I think of what I just did in 5 minutes I am speechless. I want you to know how much I appreciate everything you have done.
Thank you again,"

John (DJ's Sports Collectibles)



Home on the Web, Inc.


Home On The Web, Inc. provides complete "Revenue-Ready™" ecommerce solutions to its customers. The Company's principal services include Revenue-Ready™ ecommerce enabled web sites, shopping carts and supply chain management tools to clients. Revenue-Ready™ means that Hotwww delivers fully functioning commerce enabled internet sites to its clients - ready to accept credit card orders and deliver product from day one.

Hotwww's competitive advantage is derived from the fact that:

  • Fully functional Revenue-Ready™ sites are delivered to our clients, with the client only needing to provide specific product and service information for the site. All design and technical functions are included in the service. When Hotwww completes a project and turns it over to the client, the site is finished. It is stable, secure, ready to accept orders and ship product to customers.
  • Our advanced solutions present a far more robust solution set than the simple outsourced shopping cart being most frequently employed today. Competing solutions offer very few of the benefits and are generally much more expensive.
  • No technical skill set is required of Hotwww's clients; basic familiarity with computers is all that is needed.

Hotwww offers a broad set of solutions to clients, including:

  • A robust, secure shopping cart which can bolt on to any existing web site, and provide almost instant revenue generation capability. Implementation time is 1-2 business days.
  • Hotwww's Revenue-Ready™ package is a fully functional ecommerce solution which provides businesses the professional design and navigation demanded by today's sophisticated shoppers. The Revenue-Ready™ package gives businesses the ability to manage every aspect of their online business either on-site or remote, from any internet connection in the world. Implementation time, after receipt of required customer data is 5 business days.
  • "ICCart Premier Commerce Solution" is a robust ecommerce solution offering the same outstanding shopping experience along with key supply chain management features tailored to more sophisticated clients. Key modules include order management, streamlined customer service, multiple vendor drop-ship to fulfill single orders, inventory management tools, the ability to create and manage online promotional campaigns, and web analytics all with a "click of the button." Implementation time after receipt of required customer data is 5 business days.
  • Custom services including Search Engine Optimization, Online/Offline Marketing Consulting, Corporate Identity and Branding, Logo/Letterhead/Newsletter design, Blogs and User Forums.

All of Hotwww's Revenue-Ready™ options include secure hosting, domain specific email/webmail, domain registration and transfer services, streamlined integration of ecommerc payment options, and many other services. These services allow clients to focus on running their business with improving results, and result in a superior product at significant savings. The net result is that Hotwww becomes the single point of contact, improving quality and increasing our clients success.


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